At Marca Global, we understand the role the Web now plays in every facet of our personal and professional lives, which is why our companies specialize in putting control of your online image, brand and reputation back where it belongs: in your hands. Our approach to online reputation control, management and promotion revolves around education rather than dictation, and is about adding real value to our clients’ lives.
We aim to establish and build lasting relationships with our clients, and to provide the services they need to reestablish and reassert control over their online brands.

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We Strive For:

Satisfied Clients
Threat Removal
24x7 Monitoring


Since the 2011 launch of our flagship company,, we have continually striven for the cutting-edge; the position that best allows us to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing online environment. By constantly learning, innovating and growing, we are able to consistently improve upon existing methodology, and to both pursue and achieve results faster and more effectively for our clients.

As a passionate advocate for each client’s success, we now offer award-winning technology and reputation services through three separate firms:

An industry-leading specialist in Online Reputation Management, works one-on-one with each client to customize, build and implement stronger, more positive online reputations.

Massive Peak

Officially launched in 2015, Massive Peak focuses primarily on Business and Professional Online Reputation Management services, including Review Management, Website Development, Local SEO and more.

Blitz Monitoring

The newest addition to the Marca Global team, Blitz Monitoring aims to deliver 24/7 Online Monitoring, Protection and Removal solutions to individuals, businesses and professionals, ensuring online privacy and a more secure online presence for every client.


The Marca Global team, comprised of, Massive Peak and the all-new Blitz Monitoring, continually seeks out better, more efficient and more effective ways to empower clients to both Defend and Define themselves online.

This is something that has not only worked well for thousands of clients since 2011, but that has enabled us to grow into the well-established and highly-recognized industry leader we are today.

We are built on the belief in,
strength of and adherence to our values:


Customer Success
Personal Accountability
Entrepreneurial Work Ethic
Respect for One Another

By continually improving, maintaining a high standard of personal accountability and always demonstrating that ever-so-crucial entrepreneurial work ethic, we are able to stay at the forefront of online innovation, and to commit to, invest and share in each client’s success. At Marca Global, we hold ourselves responsible for the success of each campaign. Your goals are our goals. Always.

By choosing one of our companies for your online reputation, removal or brand development needs, you’ve taken an important first step towards ownership of your online image for good.

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