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Marca Global® has grown into today’s proactive solution for corporate marketing and serves some of the largest brands in the world. Founded in 2011 to address the growing reputation concerns generated by the internet and social media.  Marca Global® is committed to delivering fiscally responsible services and solutions, easy to work with experts, and performance-based results. The combination of proprietary technology and forward media solutions enable Marca Global® clients to reinvent marketing without going through the difficult and often painful process themselves. The flexible nature of the company enables clients to enhance, compliment or outsource to Marca their marketing needs. Marca Global® provides the knowledge and experience from working with thousands of clients to date; and the team has proven experience drawing from backgrounds in media, technology, law, and strategy. Marca also owns Internet Reputation.com™, Reputation Sciences and InfoSweep and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Awards and Mentions

Today's Marketing Challenges

Expectations Are Higher And Attention Spans Are Shorter

50% of Businesses Do Not Feel Their Company Is Highly Proficient

Only 3% Think They Know What Is Working

Over 75% Are Bothered At The Dramatic Cost Increase

Overwhelmingly, Social Media Is Considered A Game Changer

Credibility Is The Most Important Factor

Over Half Do Not Understand Their Strategy Or “How It Works”

About 65% Believe The Technical Requirements
And Specialties Required Are Out Of Reach For Their Company

Next Generation Marketing

Performance-Based Accountability

Comprehensive Planning Cycle

Business Intelligence And Data Analytics

Agile And Flexible Solutions

Addresses Inherent Conflicts

Leverages Marketing And Technology Together

Empowers The Company

Outside Facing Growth Strategies

Yields Indirect And Direct Revenue Outcomes

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