About Us

From the beginning, Marca Global has been a company rooted in the basic idea that everyone, from individuals, families, professionals and business owners to companies, nonprofits and more, has the right not only to Defend themselves online, but to Define the online conversation surrounding their name or brand. We understand the impact online information, no matter how small, can have on an individual’s reputation, or even a company’s bottom line. This is why we work so hard to educate and empower clients with the support, strategy and technology they need to succeed.

A quickly-growing digital technology and marketing firm, Marca Global has provided comprehensive Online Reputation Management, Monitoring and Removal services to thousands of clients across the globe, delivering customized online crisis management, threats removal and 24/7 monitoring to countless businesses and individuals throughout the world.

Our industry accolades include:

  • Recognition as the #1 Reputation Management Firm by TopReputationManagementAgencies.com.
  • #583 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Firms list.
  • Position among Top 250 Private Companies by ColoradoBiz.
  • #3 Best Rated Reputation Firm by TopSEO.com.
Completed projects

Our Mission: Every Client Receives the Best

The Marca Global mission is to carry through on our promise of providing the best and most advanced comprehensive digital services and results to every client at every opportunity. Our firms specialize in customized, cutting-edge solutions that build the stronger, more effective online brands and images that enable long-term success. We strive to provide the tools, technology and services need to both empower and give voice to our clients, as well as to consistently deliver the peace-of mind they deserve.


Our Vision: To Be the Best in the Industry

At Marca Global, our vision is to always be the first choice in online business marketing and consultation, internet reputation management and internet monitoring solutions for individuals, professionals and companies throughout the globe. We strive towards excellence, and are constantly working towards ensuring our vision is aligned with the vision you have, and the one you want to achieve, for your online brand. We look to be the go-to leader in our field for many years to come.


Having the right support, the right tools and the latest in technology is key to defending and defining who you are on the Web. Without the support, expertise and experience of someone you trust on your side, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to steer the online conversation about yourself or your brand in the right direction. Without proper directon, you could be leaving your online presence vulnerable to the whims of those who don’t always have your best interests in mind.

Marca Global offers clients real value when it comes to building, maintaining and controlling the online conversation:


Powerful and proprietary monitoring solutions make you aware of any and every mention of your name and your brand online. Once empowered with comprehensive information and analysis of your online presence, you can then take steps to better control and steer the conversation.

Reputation Management

Our customized reputation management campaigns are designed and implemented in a way that best addresses each client’s unique online situation. Comprised of content creation, link-building, social media strategy, Search Engine Optimization and more, your comprehensive online reputation management campaign helps you Secure, Protect and Control your Online Reputation.

Brand Management

Most commerce is now done online, making online brand management, marketing and promotion an essential part of any company’s consumer outreach strategy. We utilize proven online reputation management techniques and strategy to go beyond the brand, translating your company’s online reputation into conversions and growth for your firm.


Our foray into Online Reputation Repair, Management and Control began in 2011. Built and established by a small, yet dedicated, team of technology-savvy SEO and online marketing professionals, we quickly became synonymous with industry-leading ORM services. It wasn’t long before our firm could boast an impressive collection of industry recognition and achievement. Marca Global firmly recognizes the growing need and demand for Business Reputation Management and Review Management services. We continues to provide professionals, executives and companies alike with the online brand development, reputation management and online marketing services they need to thrive in the competitive online community.

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