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Your brand is your business identity. It speaks not only to what your company sells, but also to what it represents, who it interacts with and how it drives customers to action.
And if digital branding isn’t a core component of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing a golden opportunity—the chance to create an image that makes a lasting impression on millions of potential customers.

To build a brand that inspires your audience and enhances your bottom line, your business needs:

Online branding

These days, customer engagement takes place online. You can’t escape it. And if your business isn’t working to establish a stronger digital presence, your days as a competitive enterprise are numbered.

But before you plaster the web with brand-friendly blog content and social media discussion threads, it’s important to learn who you are online—those factors that define not only your brand, but also the challenges your business faces as you look to re-energize your online image.

This includes a careful examination of your company’s:

Digital assets

Online brand building begins by knowing every article, post, social media conversation and review that make up your digital footprint. When you know what’s out there, your business is better equipped to cope with online threats—as well as to build a digital marketing strategy that more aptly addresses brand weaknesses, capitalizes on strengths and nudges customers closer to your online sales funnel.

Customer sentiment

What draws people to your brand online? What pushes them away? A thorough review of customer sentiment can reveal valuable insight into how consumers perceive and engage with your business on the web—analysis that is essential to building a stronger customer profile and securing a more profitable branding future.
With a better understanding of the brand-audience relationship, your business can more effectively target, connect with and inspire customers down the road.

Competitive position

Branding is about building an image that doesn’t just stand apart, but that rises above your competition. And when you know how your competitors are performing online, you’re better prepared to position your brand as the industry “go-to” for goods and services.
Analyzing how other companies perform in local search results, for key industry search terms and among online consumers can help you size up your brand against the competition—as well as to identify opportunities for expanding your reach and growing your audience.

Brand building is our specialty

At Reputation Sciences, we take online branding seriously. This is why we offer complete, customized digital brand audits and solutions that help you build a successful, more profitable brand today and for years to come.

With a professional, comprehensive brand audit, you receive:

  • A detailed collection and report of all online brand mentions—including profiles, articles, social media activity and reviews that impact your digital reputation.
  • Full, expert analysis of customer engagement with your brand based on quantitative and qualitative metrics compiled from throughout the web.
  • An in-depth look at competitor performance on major search engines and for important industry keywords—as well as side-by-side comparison and analysis.
  • Evidence-based, data-supported recommendations for building a safer and more successful online brand.
  • Our specialists provide the tools, technology and expertise you need to get results.

Call us today at 866-291-3589 to learn more.

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Blair Brown is the President & Chief Operating Officer at Marca Global. She has a legal background and provides strategic leadership to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. Blair is an avid dog and horse lover and when she is not hard at work she is volunteering and fostering for animal rescues.

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