How Data Analytics Can Impact Your Market Research


Data fuels an effective marketing strategy. Marketing research empowers that initiative.

Marketing reports provide the actionable insights your business needs to determine your strategy’s performance.

We take a look at the basics of market research, how data analytics improve your marketing strategy and how they produce the greatest value for your business


Marketing Research: What’s Involved and Why Its Essential

Before delving into what makes a great report, it’s important to know what marketing reporting is—as well as its role in developing a plan that best connects with your customers.

Digital marketing analytics provide the metrics for measuring the progress and value of your digital strategy

Regular research helps you understand where your marketing campaigns are hitting the mark, areas and channels that are falling short, and how to redirect your efforts to strengthen your brand and optimize your marketing budget.  

Whether basic or comprehensive, marketing research helps you assess the state of your strategy while supplying your team with the info they need to maximize your online presence. 

Once integrated into your day-to-day operations, marketing research becomes an indispensable tool for improving customer engagement and expanding your sales funnel.

Analytics that Strengthen Your Digital Strategy

Marketing research has the potential to forever change your approach to digital marketing

The analytics provided by marketing research can deliver eye-opening details on how, where and when consumers interact with your brand—allowing you to build, refine and continually adapt a strategy that optimizes visibility and turns clicks into conversions in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Marketing reports can provide invaluable, strategy-boosting metrics including: 

  1. Traffic, including how many visitors your marketing efforts are pulling in across organic search, paid search and social platforms.
  2. Engagement, including stats on how much time consumers are spending on your site, how frequently they’re coming back and the visitor bounce rate.
  3. Conversion, such as how many conversions your efforts are producing by channel and what you’re spending per lead and acquisition.

If you want to strengthen your brand authority, improve outreach, outpace local competitors or compel more purchases, marketing reporting will become your powerful and dynamic weapons of your digital arsenal.  

Create the Best Data Analytics Report

There are many ways data analytics reports can change your marketing strategy. But how exactly do you create reports that not only support your plan, but also help you accomplish your unique business goals?

Reporting tips for creating more impactful marketing reports include:

Defining Your Objectives

Highlighting what’s important—whether that’s improving website traffic, enhancing brand awareness or increasing conversions—is key to determining which metrics best serve your purposes. 

Reporting too many metrics at once may be a bit overwhelming for those building your marketing strategy. Whittling down your marketing reports to show the basics can help provide the clarity needed to sharpen your team’s focus.

Tracking The Key Metrics

Building coherent, digestible marketing reports is best accomplished with easy-to-follow marketing reporting dashboards—those allowing your marketing team to access and translate key metrics easily. 

A good marketing dashboard typically categorizes and displays the following: 

  • Website data. This includes anything from conversion rate and bounce rate to traffic and page views.
  • Social media data. Clicks, followers, impressions, likes and engagement rate numbers all fit in this category.
  • SEO data. This section covers a wide swath of metrics on organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, landing page performance, paid search and more.
  • Digital advertising data. Depending on your objectives, this may include numbers on budget, ROI, conversion rate, cost-per-conversion, click through rate, the total cost for each media, etc.

Beef Up Your Marketing Strategy

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