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Reputation Management

Your business faces a heightened level of scrutiny on the Web and is vulnerable to attack from a variety of sources. By making reputation management services a part of your brand strategy, you have the opportunity to protect, preserve, and maintain brand integrity – no matter who threatens your reputation online.
A general manager at an international technology firm was involved in a malpractice case where his actions were posted to prominent blog pages. Ultimately, this created two unfavorable links, which were displayed on the first page of Google when searching the company’s name.
Because the employee was frequently referenced as a general manager at the company, Google’s algorithm deduced an association between the company and the employee. Due to this association, Google started indexing these unfavorable results on the first page when conducting a search on the company.
Marca Global developed a customized plan, which included the development of numerous digital assets such as websites, blogs, press releases, and professionally written content. We then used powerful search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to continually optimize these assets. As a result, we gained substantial ranking authority with Google.
Our customized approach effectively ranked the positive assets above the negative links removing the unfavorable links from the first page of Google results. The association of the company’s name with the problematic employee was mitigated. As a result, sales rose as clients no longer found negative press when searching the company online.


Your business faces a heightened level of scrutiny on the Web and is vulnerable to attack from a variety of sources. By making reputation management services a part of your brand strategy, you have the opportunity to protect, preserve, and maintain brand integrity – no matter who threatens your reputation online.
A financial firm was scrutinized after an unhappy client went and posted several blogs insinuating the firm was scamming their clients. As a result, unfavorable results started to appear in Google’s “autocomplete suggestions;” specifically “scam” would appear when typing the company’s name into Google.
As a result of these blogs mentioning the company by name and having a high amount of search volume directed towards them, Google indexed the company’s name and “scam.” This was problematic as it led to quantifiable revenue losses, competitive disadvantages, and acted as a deterrent to anyone who researched the firm.
Marca Global’s customized approach effectively removed the unfavorable assets from Google’s autocomplete suggestions and replaced them with positive ones.
Because Marca Global was able to suppress the negative information, the business substantially restored its reputation. Their executive team stopped hearing that deals could not be made due to the association of the company name with the problematic blog, and sales rose given the search term “scam” no longer appeared when searching the company online.

Review Management

Has your business been affected by negative online reviews? Studies have shown that a large majority of consumers base their buying decisions on online reviews, which means that one bad review can cause your business to lose potential clients before they even walk through your door.
Dr. Anderson, a prominent gastroenterologist, who started his business in 2006, knew the importance of customer reviews and the roll they played in attracting new patients. As a small business owner, he wore many hats and had limited time to focus on collecting reviews. Before he knew it, years had gone by and the practice he worked diligently to build had an unfavorable 2.2 star rating.
Our custom HIPPA-compliant SaaS solution included a fully-automated online process to quickly and efficiently capture reviews from patients. By sending automated text and email messages, Dr. Anderson was able to capture patient responses immediately after they visited his office. Due to the doctor’s limited bandwidth, Marca Global fully managed this process leaving the doctor more time to devote to his patients.
Marca Global’s customized Review Management platform enabled Dr. Anderson’s practice to boost online star ratings from 2.2 to 4.7 stars, allowing the practice to capture new patients and restore its positive reputation.

Privacy Risk Management

Personal information such as name, address, phone number, and other personal details reside on 30+ data aggregation websites making it easy for Cyberstalkers to target you, your business, and your family.
Personal information for a high-profile CEO at one of the largest U.S. financial institutions was obtained from a data aggregation website and used by a disgruntled customer to threaten him and his family. The Cyberstalker would frequently drive by the CEO’s residence, and would call the CEO’s wife on her cell phone to make verbal threats.
Marca Global initiated InfoSweep Privacy Monitoring and Removal memberships for all executives in the C-Suite removing their personal information across 30+ data aggregation websites.
Executives in the C-Suite now receive monthly Privacy reports detailing their progress in protecting their privacy and alerting them to any new risks that they may want to mitigate.

Cyber Security Breach

Negligent employees are the #1 cause of data breaches at small and medium-sized businesses across North America and the UK, with 54% of IT professionals reporting that careless workers were the root cause of cybersecurity incidents. - Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institute, 2017
A leading global IT solutions provider’s employee hacked the private network of one of its customers to benefit the company, financially. The employee illegally viewed internal communications on competitors and IT budget plans.
Marca Global initiated a Reputation and Review Management campaign, along with AutoSuggest, to create positive assets that were optimized to outrank the negative ones and eventually moving the negative assets off the first page of Google. Additionally, Marca generated positive reviews for the client on Glassdoor, boosting star ratings that attracted top level talent.
The global IT solutions provider’s reputation and digital footprint was restored, along with additional positive star ratings, increasing sales and overall customer satisfaction.

Wiki Editing Solution

Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning that anyone can edit any unprotected page and improve articles immediately for all readers. You do not need to register to do this. Wikipedia uses two methods of editing: the new VisualEditor (VE) and the classic editing through wiki markup (wikitext).
Wikipedia has rules – lots of them. One obvious rule is not being dishonest. Another is avoiding opinion and sticking to verifiable facts. But it is possible to set up a user account with a pseudonymous username to allow you to edit anonymously. However, using anonymous accounts for blatant misrepresentation, known as sock puppetry, is often spotted and the offending content is challenged or removed.
Marca Global can manage the process outlined above on behalf of clients who abide by the rules, and generate positive, verifiable facts.

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