The Manifest Includes Our Thoughts About More Rigorous Brand Audits

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The Manifest (sister site to, recently included an article from our founder, Colleen Birdnow Brown, outlining some of the steps companies need to take at the audit stage if they are looking to improve their online reputation in the context of longer-term company value.

The short version? Most online reputation audits are simply too cosmetic to help both leadership and the execution layer understand the number or impact of negative online assets (some will not even show up in a simple search or there’s no causal knowledge about why visible negative assets are even highly ranked).

From the article:

“We are at a market inflection point where ORM practices are becoming inextricably fused with digital marketing and PR. Our prediction? Short-term operators and their repertoire of SEO parlor tricks will either change their approach to be more strategic and accountable, or they will disappear in the cresting wave of more rigorous best practices.

“Businesses will need to adopt a more methodical approach to execute an ORM strategy that not only sands off blemishes but lets them control their online narrative to build long-term value in their brand.”

We thank The Manifest for including us and hope you get some value from the article.

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