Does Your Website Employ SEO Best Practices?


The process of amplifying website content to rank higher on search engines requires knowledge of optimization best practices–as well as an intimate knowledge of each search engine’s ranking requirements, particularly Google. 

Consumers will use search engines to search out products and services that fit their needs. Higher search rankings lead to increased traffic and conclusively, sales. 

A Closer Look at Your Website’s SEO 

Most search pages feature ads at the top. These are followed closely by unpaid results—often referred to as organic or “earned” results. Effective search engine optimization drives organic content to positions of higher visibility—most notably on the first page of Google.  

Google uses hundreds of complex ranking factors, each of which is located and evaluated by website crawling. 

Google crawls your web pages and online content to create entries for search engine indexes.

A well-developed SEO strategy and sitemap results in a swift Google’s indexing process with more prominent positioning during key search phrases—those you’re aiming to connect to your brand. 

Website SEO Best Practices

There are numerous ways to bolster your site’s SEO–best practices to get in Google’s good graces, improve industry authority and achieve the search engine visibility you need to thrive on the web.

An optimized website begins by:

Optimizing page titles. Small tweaks like mentioning each page’s target keyword in the title, keeping title tags between 55-60 characters in length, and wrapping titles in H1 tags can boost a page’s relevance and ranking.

Using visual media. Incorporating relevant images, videos and gifs throughout page content can increase user interaction, reduce bounce rates and attract the attention of Google crawlers.

Linking to authoritative websites. Including links to authoritative sites boosts your content’s credibility and shows Google you value quality info. 

Using related keywords. Natural inclusion of relevant search phrases strengthens page content and relevance.

Improving load speed. Faster page-loading speeds are essential to site SEO and to increasing site revisits. 

Being mobile-friendly. If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, users are much likelier to leave your site — a metric Google crawlers take seriously. 

Small improvements can make a big difference when it comes to site visibility and your bottom line.

Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

If you don’t have an active strategy in place for search engine optimization, your website likely won’t achieve the search-engine visibility you need to succeed. The same is true if you’re using an outdated SEO plan. 

Ideally, your SEO sitemap should include the following: 

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner 
  • Backlink Analysis Tools
  • SEO Platforms 
  • Social Media 
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing 
  • Link Building 
  • On-Page Optimization 
  • Site Architecture Optimization 
  • Semantic Markups 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

As your search engine optimization improves, and you focus on related areas like conversion rate optimization, your business should grow. And you should notice it reflected in your bottom line.

Ready to Upgrade Your Search Engine Optimization?

If you don’t currently have a solid plan in place, a list of tools, techniques and marketing tips can only get you so far. And too many of them at once can often be overwhelming.

The easiest way to design an effective SEO strategy is to outsource the work. Learning the ins and outs of optimization strategies and tools requires dozens of hours of research. Start by seeking an analysis of your brand’s existing SEO approach. Then, work with your professional to develop a goal and plan to get you there. 

SEO is integral to building a website and marketing your business to your target audience. But it’s about more than being found by potential customers—it’s about creating a credible and accessible site that translates into bottom-line growth. 

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